Coffee Pods and Coffee Capsules

Coffee pods and coffee capsules eliminate many of the problems associated with coffee beans in the home coffee machines and office coffee environment. The basis of a good coffee is a good espresso. A good espresso requires the beans to be fresh, properly ground and the coffee group to be absolutely clean. The coffee capsules and associated coffee capsule machins fulfils all these prerequisites. This gives you rich thick Crema – The sign of a good coffee

  • The coffee is roasted then vacuum packed into the capsule so it’s fresh. Oxidisation cannot take place.  
  • The coffee is properly ground to the exact standard in industrial grinders. This is one of the most important parts of ensuring a good espresso coffee.
  • The coffee grounds stay in the capsule so there is no contamination of  old burnt coffee to contaminate the fresh coffee.
Coffee Machine pod operation
Lavazza BLUE - Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso

Coffee Machine For Your Workplace BLUE: Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso is the formula behind an exclusive system composed of a machine and quick and easy to use coffee pods, which time after time will reward you with the pleasure of a professionally prepared espresso.

Home Office Small Office Coffee Machine

Lavazza Blue Coffee*Lavazza Blue pods come a variety of flavours and can only be used with our FREE* on loan Lavazza Blue coffee machines.
Lavazza EP Maxi - Espresso Point Maxi

Home Office Small Office Coffee MachineLavazza Espresso Point Coffee Machine is the guarantee of an excellent and consistent result in the cup thanks to: Premeasured coffee capsules sealed in a controlled atmosphere which ensures the freshness and aroma of the finest Lavazza blends over time.

Home Office Small Office Coffee Machine

 *LavaEspresso Point Coffee Machine logozza Espresso Point Maxi capsules come in a variety of flavours and can be used in our exclusive FREE* on loan Espresso Point Maxi machine.