Order Tea, Hot Chocolate Or Coffee Pods, Capsules & Sachets

Are you ready to join the coffee revolution? If you buy coffee pods from Lavazza, it might just change your life.

Whether your favourite drink is tea, hot chocolate or coffee, a Lavazza machine can help you fix an amazing hot drink in an instant.

At Blue Pod, we offer Lavazza coffee machines free on loan to our customers with the purchase of Lavazza Premium coffee pods or coffee capsules.


How does the Lavazza Blue coffee capsules deal work?

When you commit to purchasing at least one box of coffee capsules (120 capsules per box) from Blue Pod every three months, we will provide you with the perfect espresso coffee maker for your needs, absolutely free.

Each of our coffee pods contain a single or double serving of freshly ground, delicious Lavazza coffee beans, pre-tamped for easy placement into your automatic coffee machine.


Together with our free on loan coffee machines, our coffee capsules make it simple and convenient to get your coffee fix at home or at work.


What kinds of coffee pods do Blue Pod offer?

We offer many coffee pods, including:

Lavazza Blue coffee pods - 100% Arabica blend coffee pods with a sweet and fragrant aroma, made from top-quality Brazilian and Indian coffee beans

Lavazza EP Maxi - A sample pack of best-selling single and double shot capsules from Aroma Top, Cafe Crema and Tierra Espresso from the Rainforest Alliance


We also provide:

Accessories - Pod/capsule drawers, automatic milk frothers, stainless steel jugs, brita filters, and coffee machine cleaner.

Vending consumables - Blue Pod chocolate, skim milk, paper cups, sipper lids, plastic stirrers, and white sugar for vending machines.