On Loan Commercial Coffee Machines

Want customers to rave about the delicious taste and rich aroma of your coffee? Do you want to serve your customers the perfect cup of coffee every time?


Blue Pod offers Italian designed commercial automatic coffee machines for free on loan to businesses that purchase one or more boxes of coffee capsules from us every three months - that’s just four times a year!


With 120 capsules per box, this is an easy way to regularly top up your coffee stores and keep your customers coming back for great Italian coffee. And if you run out, it’s easy to order more boxes.


3+ cups/day

Perfect for families and coffee lovers who would like to enjoy perfect, Italian quality coffee at home.


5+ cups/day

Perfect for small offices that would like to energise employees and increase productivity.


10+ cups/day

Perfect for small to medium offices that would like to build employee morale and productivity.


15+ cups/day

Perfect for cafes and restaurants that would like to deliver delicious, Italian style coffee to customers every time.