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About Lavazza Coffee

Range of Coffee Machine - The BLUE POD Story :)

We are a privately owned Australian company that is focused on and takes pride in providing a great product. All our staff are fully trained to provide great service. We strive at all times to be professional and ethical in all our business dealings with all stakeholders and we are members of the National Vending Association (NVA)

We have coffee machines in Large and Small Offices, Warehouses, Factories, Schools, Universities, Retail shops, Sports Facilities, Call Centres - anywhere were there is a need for good fresh coffee. Our range of coffee machines is comprehensive, from small desk top coffee machines, espresso coffee makers, coffee vending machines to larger commercial style espresso machines and coffee machines. We are happy to provide you with numerous site references and take you to sites near you to taste our great coffee and hot chocolates our coffee and coffee machines produce. We also have home coffee machines

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In 1895, a young entrepreneur named Luigi Lavazza opened a grocer's shop in Turin, Italy. He began roasting his own beans, with the fine attention to detail that is the hallmark of Italian craftsmanship. In business for over 100 years, Lavazza still brings the world the same taste and aroma of a great coffee. The Lavazza coffee brand has grown to become a symbol of the prestige and quality associated with the specialist in Italian coffee.

Years of experience and relentless attention to detail has made Lavazza the market leader in Italy, with a presence in over 60 countries. Now they are also the world leaders in coffee pods, producing over 20 million a day. The Lavazza BLUE coffee pod, an innovative vacuum packed system, seals in the freshness and quality of superior Lavazza coffee beans. Used with Lavazza’s state-of- the-art Italian designed coffee machines and coffee vending machines - it enables anyone to enjoy an excellent Italian espresso, anywhere.

Lavazza now supplies world consumers not only with espresso - which will remain the basic symbol of Italian tradition - but with a full range of blends and coffee-based products for any taste, any occasion, using any preparation method. In Italy and abroad, the Lavazza company has a reputation for always being a step ahead of consumer trends at home, at work and in the varied commercial environment. Lavazza design and make coffee machines, office coffee machines and espresso machines

We operate right throughout Austrilia -Coffee Machines Melbourne and Coffee Machines Sydney plus all capital cities