NO Mess Coffee making with Capsules



Espresso Point Pod System - How it works


So How Does The Pod/Capsule System Work?

  • The coffee is roasted then perfectly ground in Italy.

  •  The coffee is then packed into a pod at the correct pressure with a fine filter system.

  • The pod is then vacuum packed into a foil pack.

  • This results in the coffee being well ground & fresh in the pod.

  • When the pod is placed in a Lavazza Espresso point machine the espresso coffee is extracted at the right temperature and consistency.

  • The water passes through the pod into the cup.

  • A perfect coffee full of body, aroma and a rich crema.

There a few important factors in making a good coffee.

  • The coffee needs to be a good blend. Lavazza uses the finest blends available from all around the world.

  • The coffee needs to be fresh. The pod system keeps the coffee fresh in the pod and eliminates oxidation.

  • The coffee needs to be well ground. The coffee is ground to exacting standards in the coffee roasting plant. Small grinders, bean vending machines and combination coffee/grinders cannot ensure a proper grind.

  • The coffee needs to be tamped correctly. The coffee in the pod is precisely tamped. A expert can do this but the average user will probably get this wrong.

  • The group needs to be kept clean. The gound coffee remains in the pod. This does not happen in small bean  coffee machines and bean vending machines. The pod system eliminates some of the vagaries of the bean machines. That's why 60% of office coffee drinkers in Italy use Lavazza pods or capsules in their espresso machine.  

Coffee pods and coffee capsules eliminate many of the problems associated with coffee beans in the home office and office coffee machine and home environment. The basis of a good coffee is a good espresso. A good espresso requires the beans to be fresh, properly ground and the coffee group to be absolutely clean.
The coffee capsules fulfil all these prerequisites. This gives you rich thick Crema - The sign of a good coffee