Lavazza Blue Sustainability



Lavazza are committed to promoting company sustainability, particularly with regard to product and production processes.

By association, The Blue Pod Coffee Co are actively engaged in keeping up-to-date with everything Lavazza are working towards, and reflect this in our own offerings and product categories, including but certainly not limited to:


  • Tierra Project, Rainforest Alliance – this was Lavazza’s first independent CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). From this project we now have a line of economically sustainable coffee capsule products to offer our customers
  • Coffee Varieties including Arabica and Robusta:
    Native to Ethiopia, Coffee Arabica is the original coffee species that currently accounts for approx. 58% of the entire global production of coffee
    Meanwhile, the Robusta Coffee species, native to the Congo basin, mainly grows in Africa, Asia, Indonesia and Northern Brazil  

  • Coffee quality control – Lavazza place great importance on the quality of their organisational and manufacturing processes, which are essential in ensuring excellence in coffee production on a day-to-day basis. The end result of this process is the products we are able to offer to our customers
  • Coffee roasting process – each Lavazza Blue blend is roasted in a specific way that brings out the characteristic notes and flavours to their best effect
  • Compostable Capsule Sustainability – Lavazza have been conducting extensive research into the acceptance and intention to buy of compostable capsules in existing and new target markets
  • In recent years coffee consumption has considerably increased, pushing Lavazza to develop a broader and diversified product range on all markets – Blue Pod Coffee Co get excited when there are new blends we can offer our customers and eagerly await the next release



You can download a full copy of the Lavazza Sustainability Report here