Home Coffee Machines

Since the first coffee beans arrived in Italy in 1615, the Italians spent centuries honing coffee making into an art. At first, Pope Clement VIII claimed that coffee was the true ‘drink of the devil’, but after tasting it, quickly gave it his blessing with the Vatican seal of approval.


Now, coffee is a much-loved beverage in every good home (we believe). Good coffee is a great way to enjoy a peaceful moment at home, drink on your own with breakfast, or during the day with family and friends.


What are the benefits?

Thankfully, coffee at home doesn’t mean you need to skimp on quality or resort to instant coffee. Making quality espresso is easy and convenient with our professional coffee machine designed for the home.

Blue Pod’s coffee pods each contain a single or double serving of freshly ground Lavazza coffee beans, precisely measured and pre-tamped for placing into your coffee machine. Using these coffee pods, our home coffee machines are an effortless way to create barista quality coffee every time, no matter your skill level.


How does it work?

At Blue Pod, we offer home coffee machines free on loan to our customers. We retain ownership of your coffee machine and take care of all ongoing maintenance at no charge. In return, all you need to do is purchase one box of capsules (120 capsules per box) of Lavazza Premium blend from us every three months. Your professional coffee machine comes with full ongoing technical support both on phone and online by trained staff.

At Blue Pod, we are passionate about bringing an authentic Italian coffee experience into the homes of Aussie coffee lovers. We have the best coffee machines for home use available for free when you agree to purchase a set amount of internationally renowned Lavazza coffee capsules every three months.