The Benefits Of Coffee At Work


The use of coffee today is more and more rampant. From coffee at house to the office coffee vending machines when we have a free minute One of the quickest pick-me-ups is coffee wether in the morning or when the afternoon low kicks in. This is why the coffee machine is important for the work environment. It increases productivity it makes one happier and reduces work place stress. It raises one's mood, makes one more alert and strengthens short term memory. All positive attributes for the work place. But in today’s work place it is not only important to have coffee but to have good coffee because no body wants to drink horrible coffee.

The Lavazza Blue system using Necta coffee vending machines fixes this problem. Good espresso makes a good café latte and results in happy staff.

Technological advancements in the field have also led to a wider variety and better quality of drinks being available in today's coffee vending machines. The coffee machines come with stirrers, sugar, cups and milk included. This results in a cleaner work place. This could save money for cleaners or reduce the irritation of dirty break areas.

So a happier work place is a more efficient work place. The cost of a coffee for your staff could be small compared to the savings in efficiency. Also very often highly paid staff can spend hours of time going to the local café for a coffee. The cost is not only the salary paid but the unmeasurable costs when staff are not at work.

So to sum up:

  • Are you still waiting for the coffee van to arrive? 

  • Are you drinking instant coffee when you don't have time to leave your office? 

  • Are your staff trekking to the cafe twice a day? 

  • Do you want your staff to get cheaper coffees?

Then it's time to get freshly espresso coffees into your workplace. Here are some of the benefits...

  •  It's a great way to make your staff happy at no cost to you.

  •  Increased productivity for staff who used to leave the office to get a good coffee. 

  • 15 minutes a day is 60 hours per year.

  • 24 hour availability of hot beverages for staff. Great for call centres or workplaces with extended hours.

  • Safety is improved as the beverage is produced at 80 degrees. 

  • No more boiling kettles or steaming cappuccino frothers.

  •  A cleaner tea room as our machine dispenses cups, sugar and stirrers for each cup