Coffee machines Melbourne

Author: John Vlasakakis  

Melbourne is Australia’s coffee capital, it is truly difficult to argue otherwise.


Every corner in Melbourne has a gourmet coffee shop, serving quality coffee to all the coffee drinkers Melbourne has to offer.


What Melbourne doesn’t have is the same quality workplace and office coffee machines, that is until the Blue Pod Coffee Co. came along.


The Blue Pod Coffee Co. brings high quality Lavazza Italian coffee into every office and workplace in Melbourne, through a range of Lavazza office coffee machines.


These office coffee machines are Melbourne through and through, cafe-quality, customizable and absolutely easy to use. Perfect Italian coffee at the press of a button, the office coffee machine does it all. Melbourne in a coffee machine.


Blue Pod offers Melbourne offices and workplaces Lavazza Italian office coffee machines free-on-loan, no extra costs or fees. Just pay for the coffee you drink! Melbourne can stop wasting money buying useless office coffee machines. Blue Pod has a coffee solution for every Melbourne workplace!


With a wide range of Lavazza Italian coffee capsules / coffee pods in a variety of hallmark Italian coffee blends, the Lavazza office coffee machine can cater for every preference and taste, no effort required.


Every office coffee machine from the Blue Pod Coffee Co. can be used by any Melbourne coffee lover. No barista skills required. Melbourne coffee lovers have finally found their workplace coffee machine solution!


No matter if your Melbourne workplace is big or small, Blue Pod has the perfect Lavazza office coffee machine for you, ready to bring Melbourne coffee culture into your office!

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