Sydney Office Coffee

Australian operated, Blue Pod Coffee understands the exceptional coffee culture that’s rapidly growing in Australia. Sydney loves its coffee, and sitting down to enjoy an aromatic brew is considered an exciting experience. Whether sitting at a café, at home or in the office, Blue Pod Coffee believes the experience of drinking coffee should be special each and every time.

Flicking the kettle switch and opening the jar of dreaded instant coffee can become a chore at the office. Coffee should be rich in quality when it’s needed most. Commercial coffee machine hire in Sydney is revolutionising the way we drink coffee at work. Say goodbye to cringe-worthy instant coffee, standing in café lines wasting valuable time and spending excessive amounts on expensive coffee. Coffee machine rental for the workplace offers employees an effortless and cost-effective way to enjoy superior coffee all day, everyday.

Blue Pod offers an extensive range of high-end coffee machines, accompanied by prestigious Lavazza Blue coffee pods. These innovative pods ensure coffee is consistently enjoyable and just as importantly, convenient.

We provide rental coffee machines for small workplaces requiring only a few cups per day, as well as larger establishments wanting 20+ cups per day. There are no limits on how many coffees your workplace can enjoy each day!

Our rental coffee machines include:

  • Fully automatic operation with authentic Lavazza Blue pods
  • Fresh milk and sugar
  • Cups and stirrers
  • Ongoing support with maintenance and servicing

Coffee has an incredible amount of health benefits, and is a great tool for promoting productivity in the workplace. Coffee is a performance enhancer and gives employees that extra boost required to power through busy days and meet strict deadlines.

Finding a quality coffee during a workday has never been simpler. Supply your Sydney office with a commercial coffee machine today. Enjoy the finer things in life every day of the week.

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