Perth Office Coffee

Struggling to make that tight deadline? Or perhaps you’re finding it hard to take your eyes off the clock? It’s these moments in our everyday work lives where coffee becomes our saviour. The problem lies within hunting down our next caffeine fix. It’s often hard to break away from the office during busy times, especially to face long lines at the local café. Blue Pod Perth provides an economic and quality solution to this problem. Office coffee machine hire for your workplace provides an efficient way for employees to enjoy a quality cup of coffee without having to leave the office.

At Blue Pod, we strive to not only provide exceptional service, but to share our passion for quality coffee. We offer a range of machines, suitable for any sized office and ensure our customers are able to enjoy authentic Italian espresso. Paired with the innovative Lavazza Blue coffee pods, our machines are easy to use, providing an effortless way to make and drink coffee. With over 120 years experience in providing prestige coffee, Lavazza ensures quality and consistency. Coffee machine rental for your Perth office means employees can enjoy a delicious coffee each and every time. Bad coffee is a thing of the past with Lavazza Blue pods.

Our rental coffee machines include:

  • Fully automatic operation with authentic Lavazza Blue pods
  • Fresh milk and sugar
  • Cups and stirrers
  • Ongoing support with maintenance and servicing

As well as encouraging productivity, drinking coffee has many health benefits most of us are unaware of. Coffee is rich in vitamins and minerals and can even prevent depression. Giving employees access to consistently delicious coffee for a reasonable price, promotes good mental health and a strong work ethic.

Blue Pod state of the art coffee machines are the perfect addition to every workplace. Give your employees the opportunity to enjoy quality coffee any time of the day, everyday.

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