Your Coffee and Your Personality

Author: Rob   Date Posted:11 March 2014 

We all reveal our personalities in dozens of subtle and not-so-subtle ways, but what does our choice of coffee have to do with it?

According to Dr. Ramani Durvasula, coffee can be a dead giveaway of your personality type. Before reading on, go to your Lavazza espresso machine and make a cup of your favourite coffee. Then see if you agree with Dr. Durvasula’s findings.
The Los Angeles based clinical psychologist studied the coffee drinking habits of 1,000 people in preparation for his book, You are WHY You Eat: Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life. The survey clearly revealed that the way a person likes to have their coffee served has a direct connection with their personality type.
Did you make an espresso? If you didn’t add sugar, you’re a “purist” who has the virtues of patience and efficiency, but also tend to be inflexible in your outlook on life and may also be moody and impatient when things don’t go your way.
Was your choice a nice milky, sweet cafe latté? If so, you’re probably a warm-hearted, generous person. You love your creature comforts, but may also be overly generous, wanting to please others perhaps more than you should.
If you spent a few minutes thinking about it before you chose which Bluepod coffee blend to use; debated between a caffeinated or decaf coffee pod; and used soya milk instead of regular milk, Dr. Durvasula would probably say you’re a health conscious perfectionist. On the downside, you may be obsessive, highly sensitive and rigid in your thinking.
Did you decide to make instant coffee instead of using your Lavazza coffee machine? Well, the news isn’t all bad. You’re a laid-back and relaxed individual who takes life as it comes without worrying about it too much. You are probably too laid-back, though, and put things off that shouldn’t be put off. You’re not a very good planner and you don’t take as good care of your health as you should.
Did you make a double shot; pour it over crushed ice and maybe add a touch of almond or vanilla essence? If so, you have a lot of charming personality traits. You’re imaginative, bold, and even something of a trendsetter. You may not always make the healthiest choices in life, though, and be too much of a risk taker.
Before you start typecasting your personality, Dr. Durvasula told PsychCentral, “we are no more defined by our coffee orders than we are by our astrological signs.” Yes, the habits we form do say something about our general personality types, but we are also highly resilient and can “jump out of type” when we need to. The person who agonises over whether to choose a Lavazza Blue Espresso Intenso or Espresso Ricco at home might settle for an instant at work if nothing else is available. If you usually drink instant coffee, you might decide to get a free espresso machine from the Bluepod Coffee Company after you have a coffee at a friend’s house and discover how easy it is to use the coffee machine and how much better the coffee tastes.
Try this experiment next time you make coffee in your Lavazza coffee machine. Instead of making your habitual coffee, try something new. If you like espresso, try a cappuccino. If you always use sugar, try leaving the sugar out. According to psychologists, while routine helps keep us sane, occasionally breaking out of a routine is also good for our psychological health. Besides, with Bluepod coffee pods, you can’t go wrong: every cup is a delicious cup.

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