What Type of Coffee Machine is Best?

Author: Rob   Date Posted:3 September 2014 

​You might argue that we are biased and you might be right.

We sell Blue Pod coffee pods and Lavazza coffee machines, but we sell them because we believe they make brewing a perfect cup of coffee easy for everyone. It's your choice, though. These are some of your other options, along with coffee snobs’ opinions of them.


1) The Percolator

Yes, some people still use the old-fashioned percolator. Basically, a percolator works by "percolating” hot water up into a chamber that contains the coffee grounds. The water then filters through the grounds and back into the water. The drawback to this method is that it is easy to boil the coffee and get a bitter tasting brew. If you like your coffee strong, it is almost guaranteed to be bitter. With a choice between weak or bitter coffee from a percolator, coffee snobs universally snub them.


2) Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

The automatic drip coffee maker came into vogue after the percolator. A product of advancements in technology after WWII, the automatic coffee machine works by boiling water and filtering it through coffee grounds into the container that holds the coffee. A warmer on the base keeps the coffee hot. There are two problems with automatic coffee makers:

  1. The coffee is usually weak and
  2. The longer the coffee sits in the pot, the bitterer it becomes.

Coffee snobs either turn up their noses altogether at automatic drip machines or have no opinion because the coffee is "too weak to comment on."


3) Coffee Cone

One of the most basic coffee makers, a coffee cone is sort of like a coffee cup with holes in the bottom. You place it on top of a coffee mug, insert a paper cone and add the desired amount of coffee grounds to the paper cone. Then you pour hot water and wait until it filters through the coffee grounds and into the cup.

Coffee snobs don't mind coffee cone coffee if it is made from quality beans and enough coffee grounds are used to give them a strong cup of coffee. For better flavour, avoid pouring the water straight off the boil.


4) French Press

The French press is a popular coffee maker for good reason. It's an inexpensive way to make a decent cup of coffee. With a French press, you add the coffee directly to the water and then press the filter through the water until it traps the coffee grounds in the bottom of the container. Coffee snobs who couldn't afford expensive espresso makers used these until they found out about the free Lavazza espresso machine deals offered by the Blue Pod Coffee Company.


5) Vietnamese Coffee Maker

Travellers to Southeast Asia often come home with a Vietnamese coffee maker because they enjoyed the rich, strong coffee these simple devices are capable of producing. A Vietnamese coffee maker filters coffee through a container that is mounted directly on top of a coffee cup. Its secret is in how slowly it filters coffee through the tiny holes in the container. After pouring in the coffee, you need to wait patiently -- up to 5 minutes. The resultant coffee is not bitter and is very strong. Coffee snobs generally enjoy Vietnamese coffee.

True coffee snobs always agree that a quality coffee blend made in an espresso machine is the best coffee in the world. In the past, there were two downsides to the espresso machine:


  1. It took talent to make great espresso in an espresso machine and
  2. Espresso machines were very expensive.

Then came coffee pods and the Lavazza espresso machine. Even if you choose to buy a Lavazza coffee machine, it is affordable. If you take advantage of the Blue Pod free coffee maker offer, it costs you nothing and you get your choice of a wide variety of coffee blends. Can you see now why we're so biased? When you can have the best coffee at the best price, why would you settle for less?


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