What is Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee?

Author: Rob   Date Posted:21 January 2013 

Rob One of the more popular blends is Lavazza’s exclusive ¡Tierra! Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee blend.

When you order a free Lavazza coffee machine from the Bluepod Coffee Company, all you have to do in return is agree to purchase your coffee pods from Bluepod on a regular basis. This does not limit your choices of delicious coffee blends in any way, since there is a wide variety to choose from. One of the more popular blends is Lavazza’s exclusive ¡Tierra! Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee blend. Originally launched in 2002, Lavazza’s ¡Tierra! project is an excellent example of corporate responsibility. You can read about the ¡Tierra! project here, but what is the Rainforest Alliance and why is the Bluepod Coffee Company proud to be associated with it?
In a recent blog, Coffee and Climate Change, we outlined the devastating impact climate change is having on coffee production. As if that wasn’t enough, deforestation and environmental destruction is adding to the problems. The Rainforest Alliance was established in order to address these important environmental issues in a practical way. By rewarding environmentally and socially responsible businesses with Rainforest Alliance certification or verification, they help businesses prosper by giving their ethical business practices much needed exposure to an increasingly environmentally and socially aware market. In turn, other businesses recognise the benefits of social responsibility and make the improvements necessary to receive the Rainforest Alliance “seal of approval.”
In 1986, conservationist Daniel Katz and a small group of volunteers banded together to try to do something to curtail the devastating impact logging and other operations were having on our precious rainforests. This was the modest beginning of the Rainforest Alliance. In 1989, the growing Alliance launched their first program to provide incentives for businesses that practiced sustainable forestry. Over the years, the Rainforest Alliance continued to grow, spreading to Central America, Indonesia and throughout the world.
The first Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms were independent banana plantations in Costa Rica and Hawaii. Their success led many other plantations to seek out Rainforest Alliance certification and the program continued to grow. The first Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee farm was in Guatemala and in 1999, they launched their Coffee and Biodiversity project in El Salvador.
Together with the Rainforest Alliance, Lavazza has been able to improve the quality of life of thousands of small farmers around the world. In 2002, when the ¡Tierra! project was launched, Lavazza’s efforts were focused on remote villages in Colombia, Peru and Honduras. In 2010, the project was expanded to include villagers in Brazil, India and Tanzania.
Everyone wins when they back the efforts of the Rainforest Alliance and ¡Tierra! Farmers in remote areas win by getting better living conditions, schooling for their children and improved medical services. The environment wins by being used sustainably and responsibly. And consumers win by getting the best quality, best tasting coffee money can buy. If you haven’t tried ¡Tierra! Rainforest Alliance coffee pods yet, make sure to include them in your next order of coffee pods. You’ll taste the difference and be proud to be a part of the growing movement towards sustainable, responsible living.
Read more about the Rainforest Alliance on their website: http://www.rainforest-alliance.org/

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