Three Ways to Get a Lavazza Espresso Machine

Author: Rob   Date Posted:19 June 2014 

Before the Bluepod Coffee Company arrived on the scene, you had to find an espresso bar that served Lavazza coffee made in an espresso machine or buy an expensive coffee machine for your home.

 Lavazza made it possible for everyone to enjoy barista quality espresso, cappuccino or cafe latte at home when they introduced Lavazza coffee pods and coffee machines.
The Bluepod Coffee Company took it one step further, offering customers free coffee machines simply by committing to purchasing four cartons of Lavazza coffee capsules per year. One carton contains 120 capsules, so this wasn't asking very much. In fact, 40 capsules per month isn't enough for most coffee lovers, especially when the cost of a perfect cup of coffee is only around 70 cents.
The free coffee machine offer from the Bluepod Coffee Company has been a phenomenal success. It stands to reason, too, since there are no hidden catches to the deal. They will even replace or repair your machine for you in the unlikely event it breaks down and go out of their way to promptly process all orders to ensure their customers never run out of coffee.
Not everyone wanted to commit to ordering coffee capsules on a regular basis, though, so Espresso Point came into the picture to fill the gap. Using this system, you buy a Lavazza coffee machine and order capsules whenever you need them. Espresso Point is more interested in encouraging customers to discover the delicious taste of Espresso Point coffee capsules than in making money on their machines, so the coffee machines are priced at near or below the price the company pays for them. Current deals include:

  • A Lavazza espresso coffee machine with milk steamer for just $79.00. The machine can make two cups of coffee or one strong espresso at the same time.
  • The EP Maxi espresso machine and milk frother costs only $99.00.

Both are Italian designed Lavazza coffee machines that look great in any kitchen or office. They use only EP Maxi coffee capsules to ensure consistent quality every time.
Even More Coffee Machines from Laspressa Point
As if the Bluepod Coffee Company and Espresso Point don't offer enough, Laspressa Point is your one-stop online source for a full range of Lavazza coffee machines. Their range of products includes everything from a beautiful budget coffee maker in black and grey or silver and black to the Matinee Machine for offices that serves up a perfect cup of coffee in seconds at the touch of a button.
There will always be a place for Italian-styles coffee houses where you can sit outdoors enjoying a cup of the world's finest coffee with friends, but isn't it nice to know you no longer have to settle for second best at home or in the office? Click the links above to explore all your options at the Bluepod Coffee Company, Espresso Point and Laspressa Point. You're sure to find the perfect solution for you with the world's most perfect coffee and coffee machines -- Lavazza.

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