The World of Blue Pod Coffee Capsules

Author: Rob   Date Posted:9 January 2014 

The World of Blue Pod Coffee Capsules
The Lavazza name is synonymous with the finest Italian coffee blends, but did you know that not a single bean is grown in Italy? Where, then, do our coffee beans come from? Welcome to the world of Blue Pod coffee capsules.
When Luigi Lavazza opened his doors in 1895, he built his reputation on his coffee blends and roasts. As the company grew, so did the variety of blends it had to offer. Today, no matter what your taste in coffee may be, as long as it’s good taste, you can find a Lavazza blend to suit it. For example, let’s take a look at the variety of our EP Maxi Capsule flavours:
Crema & Aroma is a full-bodied medium roast espresso blend of 60% Asian Robustas and 40% Central and South American Arabicas.
Dolce is a well rounded and rich Arabica blend made from beans grown on farms in Southeast Asia and Brazil.
Tierra is an aromatic blend of medium roast Arabica beans that come from small, independent farms and communities in Colombia, Honduras, Peru and other South American countries.
Aroma Top is another Arabica blend. A smooth and creamy dark roast, the beans come from India and South America.
Just like the grapes used by wine producers, the coffee beans a coffee producer chooses determine the taste and quality of the coffee. Soil, climate and a variety of other conditions determine the quality of coffee beans. That’s why Lavazza scours the world for the best coffee beans.
The next step in the process of producing great tasting coffee is the roasting process. Dark roasts and medium roasts have distinctly different tastes. Whether you prefer a milder or richer coffee taste, there’s a Lavazza coffee blend for you.
After all that hard work, if roasted coffee is exposed to the elements for too long, it loses its fresh-roasted flavour and aroma. What better way to make sure every cup of coffee has that fresh-roasted taste than to package it in individual coffee capsules? If you ever wondered why Lavazza is a world leader in coffee capsule technology, that’s it. The Lavazza commitment to quality is uncompromising.
The final step in producing a great cup of coffee is yours. How could Lavazza guarantee that the coffee you drink is as good as or better than a coffee made by a professional barista? They did it by manufacturing coffee machines. In 1991, Lavazza made their first Espresso Point coffee machine. Originally called Balconcino con Vaporizzatore, the name was later changed to Matinee.

That was only the beginning, though. Today, there’s a Lavazza espresso machine for everyone, from compact designs ideal for busy apartment dwellers to large coffee machines for office use or the hospitality industry. Best of all, you can get your Lavazza coffee machine for free just by purchasing your Lavazza coffee capsules from the Blue Pod Coffee Company. When you do, try purchasing a variety of blends first. That way, you can experience the world of Blue Pod coffee blends before settling on your favourites.

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