The Lavazza Formula for Success: Taste and Style

Author: Rob Schneider   Date Posted:11 April 2012 

Today, the Lavazza name stands for taste and style, but it wasn’t an overnight success story.

When Luigi Lavazza opened his first grocery store in Turin in 1894, he just had a dream. The dream was to offer something others didn’t and to build his business from that. In a country where no café is complete without an espresso machine and every coffee drinker is a connoisseur, if Luigi could come up with a better coffee than his competitors, it would be his ticket to success. But how was he going to accomplish this?
Lavazza’s first grocery store was the equivalent to one of our Australian ‘mom and pop’ corner shops. With the assistance of his cousin, Pericle Forno, Luigi established a successful wholesale and retail business built largely on his careful selection of coffee beans, but even that wasn’t quite enough to establish the Lavazza name as Italy’s finest name in coffee. That came in 1910, when Lavazza started selling unique coffee blends; a concept as yet unexplored in Italy.
Luigi’s blends were like nothing else in Italy. Soon, almost every espresso machine in Turin was using a Lavazza blend and the company had to move to larger premises and take on more employees to keep up with demand: and that was just the beginning.
The First Coffee Pod Coffee Machines
Not every coffee maker is a barista. To ensure that every cup of coffee would be a perfect cup of coffee, in 1989, Lavazza began selling coffee machines that used pre-measured coffee pods. The “Espresso Point Lavazza” vending machine was soon in demand throughout Europe. This was the beginning of the largest expansion in the company’s history and a change in direction from focusing on coffee blends, which Lavazza had perfected, to the production of espresso machines that did justice to their superior blends.
Lavazza: Taste and Style
Like fine wine, an appreciation for fine coffee is a reflection of taste and style. In 1992, Lavazza brought this point home to the public with the production of the first Lavazza calendar. Continuing the family tradition of “nothing less than the best,” Francesca Lavazza, the company’s Marketing Director chose renowned photographer Helmut Newton to create the first two Lavazza calendars. 2012 marked the 20th anniversary of the Lavazza calendar and a unique moment in the calendar’s history, with 12 of the world’s greatest photographers sharing their “Lavazza moments” in unique self-portraits.
Lavazza Coffee Machines in Australia
Lavazza has taken Australia by storm. Homeowners will drive across town to have a ‘Lavazza’ instead of an ordinary coffee; employees regularly go out on ‘Lavazza runs’ rather than settle for what’s available in the office; and a café that doesn’t offer Lavazza stands by and watches potential customers go to a competitor who does.
Fortunately, the Blue Pod Coffee Company makes it easy for everyone to enjoy the best, without paying more for the privilege. When you join the unique Blue Pod Lavazza coffee program, you don’t even have to pay for the espresso machine. Whether you’re an individual household that drinks just a few cups of coffee a day or a large company that needs a coffee vending machine, Blue Pod will lend you the coffee machine for free for the life of your contract, including regular maintenance and repair. All you pay for is the coffee you use.
In less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee, you could be making arrangements to have a free Lavazza coffee machine delivered to your door. What better way could there be to make Lavazza taste and style part of your lifestyle?

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