The Blue Pod Coffee Solutions

Author: Samson   Date Posted:31 January 2014 

The Blue Pod Coffee Company is your first destination for anything to do with workplace coffee machines, vending coffee machines, premium Italian Lavazza coffee and the famous Blue Pod free coffee machine.

Whether you have a small office, large workplace or public space, Blue Pod has a range of coffee machines unlike anything else you have ever seen, each capable of producing cup after cup of premium Lavazza coffee using Lavazza’s well-known Blue Pod coffee capsules.
The Blue Pod coffee capsules are packed with a range of Lavazza’s hallmark Italian coffee blends, each capsule comes already ground, packed and ready to go, all under a fresh seal so the coffee tastes as good as the day it was packed.
The Blue Pod coffee machines are yours free on loan. In other words, as long as you order a certain amount of coffee every month, the coffee machine is absolutely free! So say goodbye to spending exorbitant amounts on coffee machines you don’t even use and say hello to a free coffee machine and only paying for the coffee you drink!
Whether it is a Clara, LB1200, Colibri, Brio or any of the other Blue Pod Lavazza coffee machines, you can make whatever coffee you feel like whenever you want it.
Think lattes, espressos, flat whites, cappuccinos, macchiatos, piccolos, doppios, espressos and pretty much any other coffee and coffee/milk beverage you can think of, anything is possible with the Blue Pod coffee machines and the Blue Pod premium Lavazza coffee capsules.
Coffee has never been this easy!

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