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Cooking with coffee and chicken

Author: Rob   Date Posted: 10 September 2012

Coffee isn’t the first spice that comes to mind when thinking about new ways to serve chicken, but that’s what’s so great about it.

Romance of Coffee

Author: Rob   Date Posted: 4 September 2012

While we don’t always consciously think of it as a romantic beverage, coffee has a lot in common with the world’s most famous romantic beverage: fine wine.

Coffee or Cocktails?

Author: Rob   Date Posted: 20 July 2012

What will it be, coffee or cocktails? Why not make it both! Coffee makes the perfect mixer.

Spice up your cooking with coffee

Author: Ben   Date Posted: 10 July 2012

When we think of coffee as a flavouring ingredient in foods, we usually think of using it in desserts like coffee ice cream, but not as a spice.

Coffee Capital of Australia

Author: Rob   Date Posted: 29 June 2012

The age old battle has a new field: Where is the Coffee Capital of Australia?

Coffee and Your Health

Author: Rob   Date Posted: 18 June 2012

In the past, coffee got a bad rap when it came to your health. While pundits expounded on the virtues of herbal teas, coffee was seen to have few benefits beyond waking you up in the morning and keeping you going after lunch.

The Australian Coffee Revolution

Author: Rob   Date Posted: 12 June 2012

Until just a little over a quarter of a century ago, Australia was largely a nation of tea drinkers. When someone said, “Let’s have a cuppa,” the assumption was that they meant tea.

A Sceptic’s Guide

Author: Rob   Date Posted: 5 June 2012

Free: A Sceptic’s Guide to the Blue Pod Free Coffee Machine Offer

The Lavazza Formula for Success: Taste and Style

Author: Rob Schneider   Date Posted: 11 April 2012

Today, the Lavazza name stands for taste and style, but it wasn’t an overnight success story.

Caffeine Zone 2: an iPhone app to manage your caffeine consumption

Author: Darren   Date Posted: 23 March 2012

I'm a caffeine fiend. If you're a customer of Bluepod Coffee, you probably are too. This is nothing to be ashamed of!

Can coffee be used to predict the future?

Author: Darren   Date Posted: 13 November 2011

Known to little, many consider coffee to be a useful tool to predict one’s fortune.

5 Reasons why Coffee is Good for Your Health

Author: Darren   Date Posted: 28 September 2011

People are always telling us that too much coffee is bad for our health. But luckily for us, those people are lying! Here are five reasons that studies suggest we should keep up the caffeine:

How to make an Espresso Martini!

Author: Darren   Date Posted: 1 September 2011

If you’ve tried it, you’ll know that the Espresso Martini is the greatest invention known to man. The mixture of vodka, coffee and Kahlua works surprisingly well.

Historical Figures on Coffee

Author: Darren   Date Posted: 24 August 2011

Ever wondered which historical figures drunk coffee, and what they had to say about it?... No? Well we have, so we put this post together for you.

Coffee Inspires Acts of Kindness

Author: Darren   Date Posted: 17 August 2011

Can coffee change the world?

Five Reasons why Coffee Beats Tea

Author: Darren   Date Posted: 9 August 2011

If you’re choosing between tea and coffee, here’s some advice that may help you make the right decision (which is coffee, by the way).

5 Great 'Coffee Songs'

Author: Darren   Date Posted: 2 August 2011

A piece at The Age this week covered a Melbourne-based theatre group performing Johannes Bach’s “The Coffee Cantata” – a musical about a young coffee-addicted woman who is forced by her father to break the habit.

Recipe for a delicious Affogato

Author: Darren   Date Posted: 27 July 2011

This week at Blue Pod we’ve decided to pay homage to one of the simplest, most delicious, yet strangely also most overlooked, desserts on the planet: the Affogato.

Rules of drinking coffee in Italy

Author: Bluepod   Date Posted: 21 April 2010

Coffee is so much a part of Italian culture, the idea of not drinking it is as foreign as the idea of having to explain its rituals.

Fresh Every Time!

Author: Nick   Date Posted: 15 January 2010

The word Barista simply means someone who is skilled at making great coffee.

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