The 7 personalities in every office

Author: Samson   Date Posted:23 August 2016 

Every office has its own qualities and quirks yet it often feels like you can still find the same few personalities no matter where you work.

These personalities are part of what makes office life funny, difficult, comforting and everything in between. Here are just some of the personality types you are bound to have in your office or have worked with in the past.


1. The delegator

The person that loves to shovel off any and every task often and seldom seems to do anything other than delegate. Regularly mixes delegation with encouragement, examples including: “you would do such a better job than me at this, you should definitely do it.”

2. The emailer

The person filling up your work inbox with countless messages that aren’t really related to you but since you were initially CC’d you are now the recipient of every reply all. Loves to confirm every conversation with an email and a calendar invite.


3. The gossiper

Always gossiping, hardly working, the master of watercooler chat. Has a story or rumour about everyone in the office. People seem to tell this person everything even though they know the person loves to talk.


4. The no-nonsense one

Maybe outside of the office this person has a personality but at work nothing else other than the task at hand is ever discussed. Jokes don’t go over well and don’t even think about sharing office gossip. The only thing that matters to the no-nonsense one is getting the work done.


5. The food lover

There one person whose desk always has the scent of elaborate gourmet lunches, who always insists upon drinking only quality beer at work outings and tends to show visible discomfort with any food in the office fridge close to the best-before date. Food is always a serious topic of conversation.


6. The late-comer

The empty chair at every morning meeting, the delay stopping the team leaving to a client’s office, the one invitee who still hasn’t clicked attending, these are just some of the common qualities of the late comer. No matter what you say or do, this person will come late. More often than not there is nothing malicious behind the person’s action, it is just in their nature to always be late.


7. The comedian

The office comedian is a self-appointed role, occupied by the person that always seems to have a joke but seldom makes anyone laugh. Whether it is trying to find puns in unrelated conversations, sending ridiculous emails too many times a day or volunteering to host every office event, the comedian stays busy, whether the office likes it or not. 


These are just some of the many common office personality types. It is these personalities that make the office what it is and for that reason alone it is worth celebrating them. 

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