Romance of Coffee

Author: Rob   Date Posted:4 September 2012 

While we don’t always consciously think of it as a romantic beverage, coffee has a lot in common with the world’s most famous romantic beverage: fine wine.

Coffee connoisseurs, like wine experts, can tell where a coffee was grown, the soil it was grown in and even a close approximation of the altitude just by smelling the coffee.  Called coffee profiling, it is as much an art as is wine tasting.
Of course, most of the rest of us don’t possess the skills of the coffee profiler, but the aroma of fine coffee conjures up images of romantic and exotic locales just as the aroma and taste of fine wine conjures images of the vineyards of the Barossa Valley or France.  When we smell a cup of  Lavazza coffee freshly brewed in a Lavazza espresso machine, we are transported to an alfresco café on a cobbled street somewhere in Italy. When we enjoy a cup of Bluepod Coffee Company’s ¡Tierra! Rainforest Alliance coffee, you can picture yourself relaxing in a romantic café in Peru after exploring the mysteries of Machu Picchu.
The Chemistry of Coffee
Does all of this sound a little too romantic? If you’re a more practical, down-to-earth coffee lover, consider what a cup of coffee does for you when you drink it:


  • A chemical called adenosine attaches to brain receptors, making you drowsy.
  • The caffeine in coffee attaches itself to those receptors. This is why coffee overcomes afternoon drowsiness.
  • The pituitary gland releases adrenaline. This is what makes coffee such a great pick-me-up.
  • Finally, the brain releases dopamine in response to coffee. Known as the “feel good” or “love” hormone, dopamine is partially responsible for human bonding. That is probably why getting together with friends is so much more enjoyable over coffee.

Lavazza and the Romance of Italy
Lavazza is well aware of the romance of coffee. In fact, the company built its image and reputation on romance. It started back when company founder Luigi Lavazza opened his grocery store in Turin in 1894. Not content to just sell coffee, Luigi began making special blends of coffee for his customers. In a town known for its coffee lovers, Lavazza became the coffee connoisseur’s coffee of choice.
Lavazza’s reputation quickly spread throughout Italy and then the world. Not only was it heralded for its rich aroma and taste, the company image became associated with the romance of Italy as much as the film stars Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni were.
In 1992, Lavazza cemented its reputation as the coffee for romantics with the introduction of their internationally renowned Lavazza calendar. Bold and sensual, the calendar featured Italy’s and the world’s top models photographed by the world’s most famous glamour and fashion photographers. 2012  marks the 20th anniversary of the Lavazza calendar and has broken new ground with self portraits of the world’s greatest photographers giving their interpretation of a Lavazza moment.
So it’s no exaggeration to say that coffee is a romantic beverage, but some blends of coffee are more romantic than others. If you have a Lavazza coffee machine and Bluepod Coffee company’s Lavazza coffee pods, you have the world’s most romantic coffee right there in your own kitchen. Go ahead, make a cup of your favourite blend and enjoy La Dolce Vita. You deserve it for your impeccable taste in coffee.


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