Office health – How to keep active at work

Author: Adrianne   Date Posted:19 July 2016 

Here are 5 tips for keeping active at the office

In a world of 9 to 5 and the daily commute, it can be incredibly difficult to stay active. Add to this the fact that it is the same world that links continual sitting to heart disease, and it is enough to start stressing about your office job.

Luckily, you don’t need to start cross-fit training or running marathons to beat off the risk of obesity and heart disease – not that anyone has the time for these anyway – simply getting up out of your chair might be enough.


Here are 5 tips for keeping active at the office:


Get up and walk

Whenever you can, get up and walk. Need to speak to Jeanette in accounts? Walk over instead of calling or emailing. Not only will this allow you to be active for a short time it will also improve relationships and morale at the office, as conversations held face-to-face improve communication. Printing? Photocopying? Use one at the other end of the office or even on a different floor.


Take the stairs

Skip the elevator and take the stairs. Or (for those on the 54th floor) get off a floor or two early and finish your journey step by step. You don’t have get a cardio work-out happening, or even raise a sweat, just getting moving will help. Need to go to the toilet? Visit a different floor and see how the other half live.


Park a little further away – or take the bus

Studies show that people who take public transport move almost twice as much as those who drive to work, but you can add movement to your commute in a number of different ways. If you park at the far end of the carpark – or even the next street over – you will add an extra 5 to 10 minutes walking to your day: close to an hour a week! Or you can combine the two: drive to a convenient train station or park next to a bus stop and complete your journey in chauffeured comfort. This can also save you considerably if you currently have to pay for parking. 


Stand up

Take a phone call while standing. Stand during your lunch break. Stand up to talk to Bernard in the cubicle over. The act of getting vertical elevates your heart rate and gets your blood flowing, maybe add some movement to it and you’re standing pretty.


Volunteer for the coffee run

The coffee run is not just something for the work-experience kid to get. By volunteering for the coffee run you will not only be getting to know everyone better (Greg takes soy, Margaret is gluten-intolerant), and encouraging a Pavlovian response in all of your co-workers, you will be adding to your daily movement goal.


By adding just a couple of these to your day (or even all of them for you over-achievers) you will be adding years to your life without sacrificing your productivity. In fact, by adding more movement to your day you will probably find yourself feeling more energized and productive – especially if you do the coffee run more than once a day!

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