Office Coffee Machines

Author: Rob   Date Posted:18 March 2013 

There was a time when most Australian workers were content with the old-fashioned flat white, but that time is long past.

If you want to keep your office staff happy and productive today, you need to be able to offer them the best. Fortunately, that’s easy and inexpensive with coffee machines from the Bluepod Coffee Company. Here are some of our most popular office coffee machines.
Lavazza Blue LB2000 Series Coffee Machine
For Italian café quality coffee in a smaller office, choose the easy-to-use LB2000 coffee/espresso machine. If you and your staff drink as few as 5 coffees per day, it’s free to use on loan from the Bluepod Coffee Company. Advantages of this machine for the small office include its compact size and ease of use.
Lavazza Colibri Manual Coffee Machine
If you and your office staff drink 10 cups of coffee or more per day, you can have the Lavazza Colibri manual coffee machine for free. The Colibri is ideal for busy offices, offering a variety of coffee options at the touch of a button. Some of the features of this coffee machine include:

  • It can be plumbed, so there’s no need to manually fill the tank.
  • The automatic milk steamer keeps things simple for everyone.
  • Dispense hot water only for tea bags if you like.
  • The pod drawer keeps Bluepod coffee pods handy for everyone.
  • Hot chocolate lovers can dispense hot chocolate automatically, at the touch of a button.
  • A cashless payment system is available – great for keeping staff coffee consumption under control.

Lavazza Colibri Automatic Coffee Machine
For a larger office or commercial premises where 15 or more cups of coffee are consumed per day, the Colibri automatic coffee machine will fit right in. A larger, higher capacity version of the Lavazza Colibri coffee machine, its stylish design will make you want to put it prominently on display.
Lavazza Brio Automatic Coffee Machine
Next up in size, but not in price is the Lavazza Brio Automatic Coffee Machine.  If 20 cups of coffee per day or more are going to be needed, this coffee machine is yours to use absolutely free on loan when you order your coffee pods from the Bluepod Coffee Company.
Lavazza Astro Automatic Vending Coffee Machine
It’s hard to believe, but even the Lavazza Astro automatic vending coffee machine can be yours to use absolutely free if it’s going to be making 25 or more cups of coffee every day.  
The deck’s stacked in your favour with the full range of Lavazza coffee machines from the Bluepod Coffee Company. All you have to do is order the minimum amount of coffee for the machine of your choice and you get to use the coffee machine for free. You don’t even have to maintain it. If it needs repairs, Bluepod will repair it or replace it free of charge. There are no catches to this deal and no contracts to sign. Opt out at any time simply by returning the coffee machine.  For more information about the full range of Lavazza coffee machines for the office, click here and get started today.

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