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Author: Rob   Date Posted:21 January 2013 

Introducing the Newest Member of the Cleverwater Family of Water Coolers - Sister Company to Blue Pod.

Good water means good Coffee 

At just 37 cm tall, the refillable Mini Clever Cooler is the newest member of the Cleverwater water cooler family. Capable of dispensing 3 litres of cold water per hour at 10 deg C or 10 litres per hour at 90 deg C (or extra hot98 deg C), what little space this watercooler takes up on your bench or counter top, it takes up in style. Choose between 5 designer side panel colours (black, white, silver, pale green, or yellow) to suit home or office decor.
Although compact in size, the Cleverwater Mini Clever Cooler is packed with features:


  • Micro-computer makes the Mini Cleverwater Cooler an intelligent water cooler.
  • Frame and large capacity water tank designed for easy cleaning.
  • Carbon filter is easy to replace.
  • Filter replacement alarm takes the guesswork out of filter replacement.
  • Energy saving modes built in.
  • Child safety switch and child lock prevent accidents.
  • Easily remove side panels and change colours to suit your mood or changing decor.

Aside from its highly efficient carbon filter, the Cleverwater Mini Clever Cooler also features an ozone steriliser. Ozone is nature’s own bacteria fighter. A highly active form of oxygen, when ozone has done its job of cleansing the air, the only by-product it produces is pure oxygen. While your water cooler’s carbon filter works to filter out chlorine and other impurities, the ozone steriliser ensures you drinking water is bacteria-free. All that comes out of the tap is safe, healthy, delicious hot or cold drinking water.
Other Members of the Cleverwater Family of Home and Office Water Coolers
If your busy family or staff needs plenty of refreshing chilled water at their fingertips and you’re tired of stocking the fridge with wasteful, expensive water bottles, then the mini cooler’s fashion-conscious cousin, the Slimcool refillable water cooler may be the ideal solution for your home or small office. It’s minimalist tower design makes a stylish addition to any setting, but isn’t just another pretty face. Behind its sleek exterior is the Brita MAXTRA 4 step filtration system.  Tall and slender, the Slimcool water cooler fits neatly and unobtrusively wherever you want it to and its weighted base ensures that it remains stable even in a busy house full of active children.
Although it’s the “big brother” of the family, you won’t even know the Cleverwater H20MYF is in the kitchen unless you open the underbench cupboard door and see it working behind the scenes to deliver clean, refreshing water from an elegant benchtop tap. The H20MYF is a plumbed water cooler that delivers 15 litres of fresh, clean, delicious water filtered through Brita’s renowned AC 1000 Purity C filter.
Which member of the Cleverwater family of home water coolers will make the best addition to your family? For more information, check out our Home Office Water Coolers pages for all the details.


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