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Author: Rob   Date Posted:15 November 2012 

If you have a free Lavazza coffee machine from the Blue Pod Coffee Company, you’re a coffee connoisseur, so don’t fight it.

Instead, revel in the knowledge that you are a connoisseur of the world’s most loved beverage. Aside from being able to make a perfect cup of coffee every time, another way to share your passion for coffee is to casually throw some coffee trivia into your conversations. Here are some facts and history to get you started.

Have you ever wondered where a cappuccino got its name? Yes, it has something to do with that foamy milk you make with your Lavazza espresso machine, but cappuccino is not Italian for “foamy milk.” The word actually refers to the cowl of a Capuchin monk’s habit. Whoever made the first cappuccino must have thought that peak of foam resembled the cowl and mentioned it to somebody, who mentioned it to somebody else and so on down the line.

Do you ever wish being a coffee connoisseur carried the same status as that of a wine connoisseur? Well, in some circles, it does. When coffee was first introduced to Europe, it was called “Arabian wine” and was the beverage of choice of snobs. Today, although they don’t get as much press, professional coffee tasters are known to have the same refined senses of smell and taste as wine tasters.  A good one can tell you where a coffee comes from and at what elevation it was grown simply by its aroma and taste.

We all know about the famous “Boston Tea Party” in America. It was a protest against high taxation and a symbol of America’s split from Great Britain. From that moment on, Americans switched from tea to coffee as a symbol of their freedom and independence. At the same time, the country’s founding fathers gathered together in coffee houses to strategise and plan the future United States.
Back in the ancient Arab world, where coffee got its start, it was also the first place to put coffee on pedestal. It was such an important beverage, in fact, that if a husband was unable or unwilling to supply his wife with coffee, it was grounds for divorce.

Italy, the home of Lavazza coffee, is also home to the world’s most passionate coffee lovers. Proof of this lies in the fact that its price is regulated by the government because it is considered a food staple.  However, espresso is not consumed with meals. Instead, it is savoured as a separate event after meals. There are plenty of coffee bars to enjoy it in, too. At last count, there were over 200,000 of them.  In a country of 60 million, that’s one coffee bar per 30 citizens.

Coffee consumption surpassed tea consumption in much of the world long ago. In fact, in the past 3 centuries, over 90 percent of the Western world has switched from tea to coffee.  As a commodity, only oil surpasses coffee, but that’s probably because most coffee drinkers don’t yet have Bluepod coffee pods delivered to their door and have to drive to their nearest café to enjoy a freshly brewed cappuccino. When everybody has a free Lavazza coffee machine and a regular supply of coffee pods delivered to their homes, oil consumption will no doubt plummet as coffee lovers find ways to work from home so they can be close to their espresso machines.

Okay, that last bit of coffee trivia may have been a slight exaggeration, but you get the point: coffee is not just a beverage, it is a phenomenon. Now, while your coffee trivia is still fresh in your mind, invite a friend over for coffee and impress them with your knowledge and your barista skills.  
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