Limescale in coffee machines

Author: Rob   Date Posted:13 June 2013 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Coffee Machine

If you are lucky enough to have taken advantage of the free coffee machine that comes with your first order of Bluepod coffee pods, you already know how much better Lavazza coffee brewed in a Lavazza espresso machine tastes. But did you know it can taste even better?
The water that comes out of your tap is not the best water for making coffee. Tap water is “hard water.” It contains high levels of minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium. These minerals do two things that prevent you from getting them most out of your coffee machine:

  1. They react with the coffee, impairing its ability to produce a full-flavoured cup of coffee.
  2. Calcium (limescale) build-up in the coffee machine can make the machine less efficient and shorten its life.

What’s the solution? One solution the Bluepod Coffee Company recommends is a Brita filtration system. For home use, two types of Brita filters are available. Simply use a Brita jug or a Brita inline filter. Both of these economical filters use an active carbon filtration system that effectively removes the minerals that make your coffee less flavourful and harm your coffee machine.
Commercial coffee machines and coffee vending machines need a more robust filtration system. Brita’s Purity C Quell ST filter cartridges are designed for the commercial sector. These filters effectively remove heavy metal ions, organic impurities and chlorine. The result is clean, safe water that is perfect for making barista quality coffee.
We should drink more water than any other beverage, but the high cost of bottled water and the poor taste of tap water often leads us to turn to soft drinks and other unhealthy beverages. Whether it’s for drinking water or use in your Lavazza coffee machine, water from a Cleverwater water cooler is what you need if water quality is of concern to you. Cleverwater water coolers come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, from home benchtop models in trendy colours to stylish models designed for offices and restaurants. You can even have your plumber install a Cleverwater filtration system directly to your water mains and get pure, delicious drinking water straight from the tap.
Of course, a great cup of coffee depends on a great coffee blend. Lavazza established their reputation for great coffee blends in the world’s toughest market -- Italy. When Luigi Lavazza started selling coffee in his Turin grocery store in 1894, he knew the quality of his coffee was going to make the difference between success and failure. Quality has been the hallmark of Lavazza coffee and Lavazza coffee machines ever since. Combine filtered water with your free Lavazza coffee machine and Lavazza coffee pods and you have the formula for perfect coffee every time.

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