Kosher Coffee and Milk from Blue Pod

Author: Laura   Date Posted:14 October 2013 

Blue Pod’s Lavazza Italian Coffee is certified 100% Kosher, suitable for anyone and everyone who loves their coffee but wants to make sure they are keeping within the laws of ‘Kashrut.’

Blue Pod’s Lavazza coffee capsules are even certified Kosher for Passover!
Thats not all: Blue Pod also offers 100% Kosher powdered milk for those who can’t imagine life without good milk in their coffee.

Both sets of products have been certified by the rabbinical authorities who have inspected and ensured the ingredients and manufacturing process are in keeping with the rules and therefore are certifiable.  
Coffee Certificate
Milk Certificate
In principle, the coffee beans themselves are Kosher, because the coffee tree/shrub is itself Kosher. However, during production a lot of the common practices involving roasting, adding flavour or decaffeinating the coffee can make the product nonkosher.
On top of that, the packaging itself needs to be certified, ensuring it doesn’t come into contact with food and other products not known to be Kosher. In other words, every step in the process from roasting to packaging needs to be inspected and certified before it is considered Kosher.

Blue Pod takes the important step of ensuring that there is no guessing game when it comes to the status of the coffee. Each delicious Italian coffee capsule int the wide range has the binding documentation to prove that it is in fact Kosher, removing the uncertainty and confusion common with coffee products, especially coffee pods.

It is this effort of inspection and confirmation that ensures the Kosher status of each capsule product that Blue Pod offers as Kosher.


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