Is Australia Becoming a Coffee Pod Culture?

Author: Rob   Date Posted:6 October 2014 

It's official: Australia is no longer a tea drinking culture. Coffee overtook tea as Australia's favourite hot beverage years ago. After a relatively slow start, Australia has also become a nation of coffee snobs.

From our large metropolitan cities to out of the way towns, everywhere you go in Australia, you can find a café that is thriving simply because of the quality of the coffee they sell.

Behind the scenes, another revolution has been taking place in Australia's coffee scene. Coffee pods are taking the place of instant coffee and old-fashioned coffee machines in homes across Australia.

Why Coffee Pods?

There are two essential ingredients to a good cup of coffee:

  1. The quality of the coffee
  2. The quality of the coffee machine

While no one argues that the best coffee is made by a barista using an expensive espresso machine, most of us can't afford to install a coffee machine that costs thousands of dollars in our home. Even if we can afford one, we don't have the time to learn the trade secrets of a professional barista.

On the other hand, we've become spoiled by barista coffee and can no longer tolerate drinking the poor quality coffee we used to drink at home. Coffee pods is one solution. An even better solution is a coffee pod filled with the premium quality coffee that made a coffee company famous and an espresso machine designed by that coffee company.

The Blue Pod Coffee Company is Australia's exclusive source for Lavazza Blue coffee pods, offering a variety of blends for every coffee lover's tastes. What's more, Blue Pod offers two ways for you to get a quality Lavazza espresso machine in your home:

  1. You can get your machine for free simply by committing to a minimum order of Blue Pod coffee pods.
  2. You can pay for your machine at a discounted rate (at or below the cost Blue Pod pays for it).

Either way, you're getting a deal that's hard to pass up. If you choose a free machine, you simply have to purchase 1 carton of coffee pods (120 capsules per carton) every 3 months. Most customers buy more, though, because 120 capsules of delicious Lavazza coffee go fast in a busy household. If you choose to purchase your machine, prices start at just $59 for the Laspressa coffee machine or $79 for the Lavazza EP Maxi espresso machine. Both make a stylish addition to your kitchen and a perfect cup of Lavazza coffee. Shipping is free, too, so that's all you pay.

Little wonder, then, why Australia is fast becoming a coffee pod culture. Why settle for less when you can have the world's best coffee in your own home for a price that is competitive with second best? And you don't have to be a professional barista to make a perfect espresso with a Lavazza espresso machine, either. Is there a downside to a deal like that? If there is, let us know, because we can’t find one.


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