How to Find Good Coffee While Travelling Overseas

Author: Rob   Date Posted:11 December 2013 

If you have an Espresso Point espresso coffee machine, you’re probably a little spoiled and expect every cup of coffee to taste as good as the ones you make at home.

When the holidays come and you’re planning your vacation, you may be tempted to take your Lavazza espresso machine with you, but it’s not really a practical solution. Besides, when travelling, finding good coffee can be a great way to find all the best a city overseas has to offer.

If you travel to Italy, finding good coffee is easy. Italy is, after all, the birthplace of Lavazza coffee and the country has more coffee houses per capita than any other country in the world. If you’re travelling to the United States, though, you have more challenges to face.

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald, How to survive North America’s terrible coffee, was a chronicle of one Australian coffee lover’s search for decent coffee in the U.S. and Canada. It might be more charitable to say that we Australians have different tastes in coffee than North Americans, but it was their title, not ours. The Starbucks story is proof of that. Starbucks started off in the U.S. as a boutique coffee house in Seattle. It was so popular, Starbucks franchises spread like wildfire throughout the United States. When the franchise attempted to have the same success in Australia, it flopped and ultimately, Starbucks closed three-quarters of its Australian outlets.

When you travel to the United States or Canada, you will find a Starbucks everywhere you go. The authors of the SMH article discovered that if they wanted a nice strong long black instead of a “weak watery” Americano, they could often be accommodated by ordering a double espresso with extra water. It helped, but didn’t solve all their coffee dilemmas in the States. Once they learned the ropes, they discovered there are coffee connoisseurs everywhere -- even in the land of drip coffee.

Even those of us who have espresso machines at home in Australia like to go out for a coffee now and then. We can find barista quality coffee in our neighborhoods because we know our turf. Similarly, American coffee lovers know where to go in their neighborhoods to find good coffee. The trick for our Australian travelers was finding the right places. When they did, they asked the barista for further information. Thanks to the friendly advice of those local baristas, they were often able to discover the best restaurants, bars and nightspots in the cities they visited.

What if you’re travelling in Asia? Arguably, it’s even easier to find great coffee in Asia than it is in America. After all, Asian countries are accustomed to catering to a sophisticated international clientele and espresso machines can be found even in small locally or expat owned establishments. Some serve excellent Laotian or Vietnamese blends, but others go the extra mile and import Lavazza coffee. When you run across a restaurant or café in Asia that displays the Lavazza name outside their door, you can always count on them to sell delicious coffee and great meals.

Don’t cut your vacation short this year because you’re pining away for your Lavazza coffee machine and Blue Pod coffee capsules. Make finding great coffee part of your holiday adventure and you’ll reap more rewards than just coffee. When you return to Australia, you can savour the memories over coffee you know you will love. While you share the memories with friends, you won’t have to say, “The only thing I missed was my Lavazza espresso machine,” but you’ll appreciate having it even more. After all, the only thing worse than not finding great coffee overseas is not having it at your fingertips at home. 

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