How Do You Like Your Coffee?

Author: Rob   Date Posted:14 February 2013 

Is a Lavazza espresso machine just for “coffee snobs” who think anything less than a full-bodied espresso with nothing added is not really coffee?

Not at all. It is, however, for those who appreciate the taste of great coffee and won’t settle for second best. How do you like your coffee?
Espresso coffee is for coffee purists, who prefer their coffee without milk. Because espresso made from a great coffee blend isn’t bitter to the taste, there is no “second best” for coffee lovers who don’t add sugar. The free espresso machine you receive with your first order of Bluepod coffee pods will enable you to make a perfect espresso or double shot espresso every time.
 Macchiato literally means “marked” or “stained” in Italian. A macchiato is for those coffee lovers who like their espresso “stained” with a touch of milk only. Some like it with a little warm milk only, while others like just a dollop of foam on top of their espresso. Either way, your Lavazza espresso machine is perfect for making macchiato just the way you like it.
 Named after the Capuchin monks of Italy, the cappuccino is the world’s most popular espresso. Many of us who enjoy cappuccinos after lunch choose our cafes and restaurants because of the quality of cappuccino they serve. Just the right amount of milk is perfect, while too much detracts from the rich coffee flavour. A nice sprinkle of chocolate on top helps, too. With your Lavazza espresso machine, you can make cappuccino just the way you like it every time.
Flat White
An Australian favourite, the flat white is even better when it’s made from coffee brewed in an espresso machine. To fill your mug, just choose the free EP Maxi Black coffee machine from the Bluepod Coffee Company and make 2 cups of coffee at once from money saving “double shot” coffee capsules.
If “variety is the spice of life,” there’s plenty of variety in your selection of coffee from the Bluepod Coffee Company. When you order your coffee pods, choose several varieties instead of just one. Each variety has its own distinctive taste and strength. You’ll probably find your favourite, but you’ll love them all, so keep a variety on hand for those times when you feel like something a little different. Here’s a roundup of just a few of your choices:

  • Delicato is a mild Arabica made from top quality Brazilian and Indian beans.
  • For a medium strength coffee with a conscience, try Espresso Tierra coffee pods. For more about Lavazza’s Tierra project, read our blog, What is Rainforest Alliance?
  • For something stronger, buy some Café Crema Gusto coffee pods. With a velvety taste and thick, golden crema, it is favoured by espresso lovers.

That’s just a few examples of the varieties of coffee pods you can buy from the Bluepod Coffee Company. For the full list and further information, check out Lavazza Blue Coffee Pods on our main site. Between the many ways you can prepare coffee with your free Lavazza coffee machine and the varieties of coffee you can buy from Bluepod, there’s something in our range to suit every coffee lover – unless perhaps you like the bitter taste of bad coffee. For that you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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