How coffee can effect your working week

Author: Samson   Date Posted:6 October 2014 

It is often said that coffee is the fuel that powers the workplace, which is an idea that everyone agrees with but no one could actually the prove… until now.

A recent workplace study done by Enviable Workplace in the UK tested what would happen to an office by prohibiting coffee for one week then allowing them to drink it again, all the while measuring their productivity, mood and overall well-being.

The results were outstanding. Productivity went down by nearly 20% and every other measurement suffered with it!

This wasn’t surprising to us at Blue Pod as our workplace and corporate customers regularly tell us how their output and culture improved since they installed one of our Lavazza coffee capsule machines. But still, for coffee to affect productivity so much there has to be more to it then just having delicious Italian coffee conveniently available in the office.

What it comes down to is that coffee improves a large range of categories that are critical to workplace success. These include concentration, motivation, mood, performance and productivity. The Enviable Workplace study showed that when the staff was asked to rate themselves in these categories from 1-5 with 5 being the best, the average drop between drinking coffee and not drinking coffee was on average a whole point!

On top of that, Anxiety, which is proven to be a significant detriment in the workplace, increased by 27% when the employees were not allowed to drink coffee.

Clearly the effects of coffee are significant, not just from a performance perspective but also in terms of overall well-being. It is for this reason we do not recommend trying this test in your own office and instead focus on ensuring that everyone has easy access to quality coffee. Blue Pod proudly has a large range of Lavazza coffee capsule machines suitable for everyone from small businesses to large offices, all available with our famous ‘only pay for the coffee you drink’ special.

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