Five Reasons why Coffee Beats Tea

Author: Darren   Date Posted:9 August 2011 

If you’re choosing between tea and coffee, here’s some advice that may help you make the right decision (which is coffee, by the way).

1. Food is better with coffee: Sure, there is some food that may go better with tea… But these tend to be of the cucumber sandwiches and plain scones variety. If you like to eat with gusto, then it’s coffee that should be accompanying your panini, pancakes or prosciutto. Not to mention the food that has coffee in it – have you tried our delicious affogato recipe?

2. It smells better. One of the advantages of working for Blue Pod is the enticing aroma that exudes from our many coffee machines; it’s often one of the first things that guests compliment us on. I doubt the offices of say, Twinnings, could have such an invigorating smell!
3. Coffee is sexier than tea. While tea might be served to you with a faint English accent, your café latte is more likely to be served with a strong, thoroughly romantic Italian accent. Or at least a slightly sensual Colombian accent. If you want to impress someone, invite them for coffee, not tea; and if you want to look cool, sit down to a short black and a cigarette, not an English Breakfast and a pipe.



4. Great songs have been written for, or about, coffee. See last week’s blog post for more on this. As far as we know, there are few songs (or at least not good songs) dedicated to tea.  
5. It has more caffeine. Unless your job is to be the Queen of England, starting your morning with a cup of coffee is much more useful than waking up to a tea. And don’t think the latter is healthier either, just because of its lesser caffeine content: health experts agree that moderate coffee consumption (about four cups per day) can be a healthy and rewarding part of a balanced diet. There’s really no need to shy away from coffee’s natural pick-me-up effect!


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