Real Coffee versus Instant Coffee

Author: Rob   Date Posted:15 April 2013 

Is there a case to be made for instant coffee? Not if you have a free coffee machine from the Bluepod Coffee Company. Here are 5 reasons why you needn’t bother buying instant:

One: Instant Coffee isn’t really “Instant”
One of the biggest reasons why instant coffee became so popular and remains so today is simply because it is “instant.” Just pour boiling water over the coffee, stir, and away you go. When you break the process down into its component steps, though, instant coffee isn’t really instant:

  1. First you have to boil the water.
  2. You have to go through the process of opening the lid and placing a measured amount of coffee into your cup.
  3. After pouring and stirring, you have to add milk and sugar to taste.
  4. The coffee is usually too hot to start drinking straight away, so you have to wait for it to cool.

Okay, a cup of instant may still beat a coffee pod placed into a Lavazza coffee machine by a few seconds, but your Bluepod coffee pods make short work of creating Barista quality coffee and the results are well-worth the few extra seconds.
Two: Instant Coffee isn’t that Cheap
Along with being instant (or at least semi-instant), instant coffee is said to be cheap. That’s not necessarily the case, though. It’s certainly cheaper than buying a cappuccino in a café, but when you buy Bluepod coffee pods, you get barista quality coffee for as little as 75 cents a cup. “But what about the cost of the espresso machine?” you ask. It comes free with your first Bluepod Coffee Pod order and you don’t even have to factor in maintenance or replacement costs. If your coffee machine needs maintenance or repairs, we handle that for you for free, too.
Three: Instant Coffee is Bad for Your Health
If you’re still thinking, “Instant coffee is a little faster and a little cheaper than real coffee,” consider the fact that instant coffee contains a chemical additive called acrylamide that has been identified as a Class 2 carcinogen. In simple terms, that means instant coffee contains at least one ingredient that can cause cancer in humans. Real coffee, on the other hand, contains many health promoting ingredients, including antioxidants. For more information about the health benefits of coffee, read our blog, Coffee and Your Health.
Four: Instant Coffee Doesn’t Taste Good
Do you choose instant coffee because they prefer its taste? Even ordinary ground coffee tastes better than instant and after experiencing the great taste of coffee made in your free Lavazza espresso machine; you’ll never want to settle for less again.
Five: There are no Fair Trade Instant Coffees
Coffee is grown and harvested in Third World countries where living and working conditions are often very poor. Lavazza is one brand of coffee that actively seeks to improve living and working conditions for coffee producers. You can help, too, by choosing Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee from the Bluepod Coffee Company. Look high and low and you won’t find an instant coffee from a company with Lavazza’s commitment to social responsibility.
If you love the flavour of an espresso or cappuccino, but settle for instant because you think you can’t afford to indulge yourself at home or at the office, think again. With a free coffee machine delivered to your door along with your first order of Lavazza coffee pods, you can have it all – great tasting coffee that’s quick and easy to prepare and comes at an affordable price. Check out Bluepod’s home and small office coffee machine solutions now and you can have your free Lavazza espresso machine before you finish your jar of instant coffee.

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