Creative Uses For Coffee

Author: Rob   Date Posted:26 May 2015 

It's a scientific fact that a cup of coffee makes us more alert and focused. When you drink that cup of coffee to get you through that afternoon slump at work, it will help, but won't necessarily make you more creative.

Creativity depends on thinking outside of the box. Coffee can help there, too, but may need a little nudge first.

Take coffee, for instance. We fall into habits with it. Some of us like a nice strong espresso, while others prefer cappuccino or a flat white. We know other varieties exist, but when the time comes for coffee, we stick with our habitual brew.

Worse, we tend to think coffee is just for drinking. Actually, it's good for a lot more. These are some creative uses for coffee others have thought up when they combined a good cup of coffee with a little creative thinking.


What to do with your coffee grounds

It's really a shame if you dispose of all of your coffee grounds. Used coffee grounds are good for a variety of things:

  • They make great compost. Add them to your compost pile or scatter them directly on top of your soil. The nitrogen in coffee grounds makes them especially suitable for roses and other plants that like a slightly acidic soil.
  • You can pay a fortune on exfoliating skin creams or you can mix some coffee grounds into any body lotion. The grounds will do a terrific job of exfoliating your skin
  • Coffee grounds can remove stubborn smells from your hands. Just rub some coffee grounds on your hands as you rinse them after cooking.
  • Coffee grounds absorb grease, so are perfect for washing greasy dishes.
  • Place a bowl of coffee grounds in the back of your fridge to absorb fridge odours.
  • Ants and slugs hate coffee. Sprinkle some coffee grounds around in places where you want to keep them away.

Now, don't you feel silly for throwing your coffee grounds away?

Some novel uses for fresh coffee

You'll be tempted to drink all your fresh coffee, but spare a thought for a few other things you can do with freshly brewed coffee:

  • Do you like iced coffee, but feel like you have to drink it quickly before the ice waters it down? Why not make coffee ice cubes? You can relax and sip your iced coffee slowly, knowing that as the ice cubes melt, they'll give you more delicious coffee to drink.
  • Do you spend a lot of money on hair products to make your hair shiny? Many hair care experts say coffee is the best way to make your hair shine. Let a cup of coffee cool and then use it as a rinse when you shower.

Coffee is also a natural dye and can be put to use in a number of ways. For example, if you have scratches in timber furniture, you can disguise them by rubbing moistened coffee grounds into the scratches. Also try leaving just a little coffee in the bottom of your coffee cup, wetting a cloth with the coffee and rubbing it gently into the scratch.



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