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Author: Brian   Date Posted:13 June 2013 

Coffee capsules are the fastest growing segment of the coffee market, yet many coffee experts seem to treat that segment with disdain.

They make comments like why pay so much for a capsule when you can grind the coffee, tamp it the way you want and get a perfect cup of coffee.
That logic can be extended to why go to cafe and pay so much for a coffee when you can make it at home. Why buy bread at a bakery when you can just buy the flour and yeast and make a great loaf of bread. Yet consumers are whole heartily accepting the numerous capsule in the market with gusto.
The reality most consumers do not know how to grind or tamp or store coffee correctly. In a time poor society they just want a to have a good cup of coffee quickly.
These same experts then test these capsules by what appears to make a short espresso. That’s fine for a coffee tasting competition but in Australia the large majority of consumers drink milk coffee.
This appears to be major flaw in the popular testing of capsule coffee as there are large differences in the amount of coffee in the capsules. This would certainly effect the taste of a latte or cappuccino as much as the quality of the coffee used, the grind of the coffee and method of tamping. When you go to the retail store presentations they make the coffee in tiny glasses to mask the fact that there is very little coffee in the capsule.
The are four major capsules being offered in the Australian market.
Nespresso the market leader, Aldi K-Fee capsules, Caffitaly capsules by Map & Woolworths and Lavazza with it’s Lavazza Blue, Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules and Lavazza Espresso Point.
Nespresso has 5.5 grams of coffee in it’s regular capsules and 7  grams in it’s commercial disc capsules. (these are generally not available to the public) Caffitaly ( Map & Woolworths) has 8 grams of coffee in it’s capsule whereas K-Fee capsules have about 7.2 grams of coffee in it’s capsules.
Lavazza has four capsule systems Lavazza Blue, Lavazza A Modo Mio, Lavazza Espresso Point Maxi and Lavazza Espresso Point.
Lavazza BLUE capsules vary in from  8 to 9 grams of coffee per capsule depending on blend but also comes in doubles that really contain 12grams of coffee.
A Modo Mio capsules contain 7.5 grams of coffee.
Espresso Point has 6.2 grams where's Espresso Point Maxi has 8.5 grams for the single and 12 grams for the double.
Both Lavazza and Nespresso are large purchasers of coffee world wide and have the ability to buy the best coffees in the world.
They have a reputation to uphold whereas the no name brands base their business on price and the coffee can be of questionable quality.
But in the end it is difficult to make a decent latte with 5.5 grams of coffee. It is impossible to make strong coffee unless you use at least 12 grams of coffee.
The Lavazza Blue System gives the options with it's single or double capsules.

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