Coffee Making Guide: How to make a café-style cappuccino

Author: Blue Pod Coffee Co.   Date Posted:12 March 2018 

Skip the trip to the café and pour the perfect cappuccino from your very own machine! We’re back with more in our Coffee & Food guide, and in this article we provide a step-by-step guide to making the best cappuccino at home.

From the grind, to the pour, the temperature and texture, we’ll walk you through the essentials for creating the perfect cappuccino. Always wondered how the baristas do it? You’re about to find out!


Step 1: The Espresso Shot


To achieve the rich, dark flavours of a traditional cappuccino, it’s important to kick things off with a quality espresso shot. When choosing your coffee pods, think about the flavours and characteristics you hope to taste. We recommend using a blend that pairs well with milk like Lavazza Blue Ricco or Lavazza Blue Café Crema Dolce.



Step 2: Preparing the Milk


Once the all important espresso is poured, it’s time to turn your attention to the milk. A cappuccino is made up of 3 equal parts – espresso, hot milk, and foam. It is typically known for its foamy, textured goodness, so you’re looking for a slightly more aerated finish when steaming your milk. To get that café-style finish, you’ll want to use a wand steamer, as it’s generally harder to achieve specific results with electric milk frothers.


Fill your jug to about 1/3 full to avoid the milk overflowing when the foaming motion begins. Be sure to purge the steam wand of any excess water, then place the tip just below the surface of the milk. Turn the steamer onto full pressure, begin to subtly move the tip of the wand around the surface of the milk. Be sure to ‘stretch’ the milk adequately to achieve the foamy top.


When the volume of milk has increased to around two thirds, lower the wand, and position it to the jug’s side. This gentle movement will slowly begin to spin the milk and circulate the foam bubbles. Rest your hand on the side of the jug so you can feel the temperature. Once the jug is too hot to hold, turn the steam arm off and remove it from the milk. For the perfectionists- your thermometer should read 67 degrees.


Lightly swirl the milk, and give the base of the jug a couple of taps on the counter if you need to remove any large bubbles. Your milk should be compact, velvety smooth and glossy. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be disappointed if your first attempt isn’t café quality. It can be a harder task than it sounds!



Step 3: Bringing it All Together


Begin your pour by aiming for the middle of the cup, with the spout of the jug around 10cm from the surface of the espresso shot. Smoothly and with control, move your pour closer to the surface while pushing more of the foamy froth from the jug. Once you’ve achieved the foamy top, get creative and experiment with some latte art! Finish your café-style cappuccino with a decadent dusting of chocolate powder and – voila! Sit back and enjoy your latest creation!



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