Coffee Machines in the news

Author: Rob   Date Posted:16 May 2013 

There’s nothing more relaxing than to sit back and watch or read the news after making a delicious cup of coffee with your Lavazza home coffee machine.

You’ll rarely find coffee making the headlines of your morning paper, but you may be surprised to discover how often coffee does make the news and where you’ll find being discussed. Here are a few examples.
Coffee Grounds Could Help Save the Planet
Coffee grounds make great compost, but that alone won’t save the planet from greenhouse emissions. An article in Scientific American, Could Disposable Coffee Pods Help Stem Climate Change?, seriously considers coffee’s potential to reduce greenhouse emissions.
According to Spain’s Instituto Nacional del Carbón, used coffee grounds could cheaply and effectively be converted into a highly effective carbon capture and storage material. The way it’s done is to heat the coffee and convert the carbon in the coffee into activated carbon. Activated carbon filtration systems are some of the best known to mankind. The beauty of the idea is that the coffee grounds could easily be converted at power plants and then used to remove carbon dioxide as it pours out of their smoke stacks.
Foreign Policy Study Shows Coffee Drinkers are Ethical Consumers
An article in Passport, the Foreign Policy blog, asks the question: When it comes to ethics, why do consumers care more about coffee than clothes? According to the article, coffee lovers are willing to go out of their way to buy Fair Trade coffee, but don’t consider the source when they buy their clothes. The popularity of our Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee definitely adds weight to the argument that coffee lovers like to know those who pick the beans and process coffee are treated fairly, but since we don’t sell clothes, we have to take the article’s word for it when they say that only high-end clothing buyers thought about fair work practices when they purchased clothing.
Engineers Ponder the Importance of Robotic Coffee Servers
If you have a Lavazza coffee machine, you know how easy making a great cup of coffee can be, but you probably haven’t considered whether or not you need a robot to serve the coffee to you. The people at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) have, though. Their recent blog, Why Teaching a Robot to Fetch a Cup of Coffee Matters, studies the implications behind teaching robots to effectively perform such a task. Apparently, researchers at Stanford University were able to solve 4 very important robotics problems by tackling this challenge. The article didn’t mention whether or not the researchers undertook the study because they were too busy or lazy to fetch their own coffee.
It’s not likely that we’ll be offering a free robot coffee fetcher with your first order of Bluepod Coffee Pods any time soon, but isn’t it enough that you can get a free Lavazza coffee machine when you order your Lavazza coffee pods from us? If you haven’t already taken advantage of this offer, check out our Home & Small Office and Office & Hospitality solutions now. There’s a free Lavazza coffee machine solution for everyone, whether you drink just a few cups a day at home or cater to hundreds of coffee lovers every week.

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