Coffee machines and sporting clubs - The perfect match!

Author: Samson   Date Posted:19 November 2014 

Having a coffee machine at your local sporting club is probably one of the best decisions your club can make.

It may not be the first place that comes to mind when it comes to the perfect venue for a coffee machine, but when you actually think about, there is no better place for delicious coffee at the push of a button. At the Blue Pod coffee company we work with a lot of local sporting clubs to make sure their coffee needs are met through out their sport’s season and from these experiences it has become increasingly obvious why they love having premium Italian coffee at their clubs so much.

The first, and for parents, the most obvious reason is that there is nothing quite as comforting as a hot cup of coffee while you are watching a game outside. Parents love being able to grab a hot cup of Lavazza, especially during winter, to keep them warm and awake while their kids are battling it out on the fields outside. By having a coffee machine at the club, parents have one less excuse when it comes to missing the game as they no longer have to leave games to get a coffee. The benefit isn’t just for parents but everyone else watching the game too. No need to bother bringing a furnace of subpar coffee when you can easily grab a fresh cup of Lavazza coffee using one of Blue Pod’s coffee vending machines.

The next reason people are loving having their Blue Pod coffee machines at their sporting clubs is the fact that it really improves the club’s ambiance and overall feel. People naturally congregate around coffee, just think about how your coworkers hang around the coffee machine and go out together for coffee. Sporting clubs are no different and it really encourages people to spend more time at the club as they have no reason to go elsewhere once there is a premium Italian coffee machine at their convenience. Additionally, since sporting clubs are often seasonal by nature, Blue Pod offers seasonal opportunities where there is no need to keep the coffee machine at the club house during the offseason while no one is actually using it. That’s the advantage of the Blue Pod deal: You only pay for the coffee you drink, not the machine that makes it. The coffee machine comes for free on loan!

The other main reason people love having a coffee machine at sporting clubs is that coffee actually has real benefits for the athletes! A study by University of Georgia found that endurance athletes who drank coffee saw their results improve by between 15-23%, a significant number for any athlete, whether they are amateur, semi-pro or even professional too! Club sports players love being able to have a coffee before they get out on the court and field, awake and alert, ready for whatever the day brings for them. It isn’t even unheard of for players to head off the field to grab a cup at halftime, especially if they are feeling particularly sluggish. Why deny your club’s athletes the chance to enjoy the drink they love that actually has meaningful benefits for their overall performance!

Coffee really does make everything better, whether you are an athlete or a spectator watching from the sidelines. Blue Pod has a range of packages and deals for clubs of all shapes and sizes, perfect for the coffee drinkers of every sport.

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