Coffee Machine Growth

Author: Brian   Date Posted:13 September 2012 

Sales of coffee capsules have exploded globally in the past five years with retail volume in the US increasing by 523% from 2006 to 2011.

In Australia,  sales of coffee capsule machines have increased by 82% in the past 12 months. Retail sales of espresso machines reached 500,000 units in 2011-12.
Blue Pod Coffee has also had a meteoric increase in customers and sales.
Blue Pod Coffee Co began importing Lavazza coffee pods into Australia seven years ago. Today they employ over 50 staff and have 15,000 customers.
Primary driver of this business success is their unique offer of a “free on loan” Lavazza coffee machine to homes and businesses. Customers must purchase the coffee capsules from Blue Pod, but there is no long term lock in contracts or agreements.
Once a niche product, coffee pod machines have become increasingly popular in workplaces as well as households. Blue Pod Coffee Co provides coffee machines to homes, offices, schools, retail outlets, warehouses, gyms, call centers, bookshops even canteens – anywhere where there is a demand for high quality Italian style coffee.
Blue Pod Coffee Co has an extensive range of Lavazza coffee machines, from small desk top coffee machines, espresso coffee makers, coffee vending machines to larger commercial style espresso machines and coffee machines. All use the Lavazza capsule system.

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