Coffee & Food Guide Vol.2: Incorporating Coffee into Family Favourites

Author: Blue Pod Coffee Co.   Date Posted:26 March 2018 


Welcome back to the Blue Pod Coffee & Food Guide! In this edition, we’ll explore how to incorporate coffee into family favourite recipes. Long gone are the days of simply praising coffee at your AM alarm. Let the entire family live, breathe and enjoy its rich, decadent flavours!

Coffee blends have different characteristics that can be paired with certain foods to create interesting and complex flavours. Choosing the right intensity and aromas can be intimidating, but the perfect blend for the dish does exist! We’ll cover some longstanding family-favourite recipes, explore some modern interpretations, and give you the lowdown on what blend works best, and why.




Coffee, cream and liqueur. There’s no better way to send your dinner party to success than with a traditional tiramisu. The rule of thumb when re-creating your Grandmother’s tiramisu recipe is to use ‘strong’ coffee. Any blend of espresso should do the trick, and if you’re also adding liqueur, it’ll balance out the bitterness of the coffee, leaving you with a smooth yet complex flavour. Try using a dark, robust roast with hints of chocolate or caramel. Try the new Lavazza Blue Very B Supremo pods with high intensity and tasty notes of caramel.





Forget the cream and sugar, reverse the roles of your favourites and try pouring an espresso over a delicious dollop of gelato. An Affogato is an effortless crowd pleaser, and can be created with any blend of coffee that works well with milk. Our favourites for this dessert include Lavazza Blue Vigoroso or Lavazza Blue Café Crema Dolce.





Coffee and desserts have walked hand in hand for some time, but the combination of coffee and meat could seem like a foreign flavour to most. Coffee and meat share deep, earthy flavours. When combined with beans and spices, the two are a unique match made in heaven. Substitute some of the liquid in your batch of chilli with a cup of coffee for a flavoursome dish the family won’t forget. We recommend using a Lavazza Blue Intenso blend for your chilli. It’s particularly earthy and has a smoky, balanced aftertaste.



Sunday Roast


When Sunday rolls around, why not take a step outside your comfort zone and experiment with coffee! Coffee crusted roast beef is a modern twist on the classic family dish. Create a coffee spice rub with coffee grounds and spices like smoked paprika, chili powder and garlic. Choose a medium roast blend like Lavazza Blue Amabile which offers a mellow richness.



Don’t be afraid to branch out with your coffee and cooking ventures! What blend are you loving right now? Try it out with a new recipe!

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