Coffee and Romance

Author: Rob   Date Posted:11 February 2014 

Have you ever wondered how many romances have been kindled or re-ignited over coffee? It’s not the sort of thing you can find statistics for, but the evidence is everywhere.

Think about all the movies you’ve seen. In one, a waitress catches a man’s eye because of the way she pours his coffee and smiles as she’s doing so. In another, a man and woman meet for coffee at a café. It turns into a weekly ritual and before long, they’ve fallen in love.

Movies may dramatise life, but they do reflect it as well. A cup of coffee is often the bridge we need to get closer to someone without having to fear rejection. “Let’s have a coffee” is arguably the best line a man or woman could use to bridge the gap between a casual acquaintanceship and a romantic relationship.

Those who are adept at the art of coffee and romance know there’s more to inviting someone to coffee than just coffee. The choice of venue is important, too. It doesn’t need to be any place fancy. In fact, a favourite café is the perfect place to share that first cup of coffee. Cafes are public enough for comfort, yet intimate enough to allow a couple to get to know one another. Being a stimulant, coffee is great for overcoming shyness and literally stimulating conversation, too.

If romance is the goal, just any old coffee won’t do, though. If you want to show you care, you’ll suggest a cappuccino rather than a flat white. Your romantic interest may prefer a flat white or like their coffee black, but it’s the thought that counts. Almost anyone would agree there’s something romantic about a cappuccino. There’s nothing very romantic about asking, “Would you like a flat white?”

Coffee continues to play a role in relationships long after they have gone beyond the first stages of romance. Busy couples often find sharing a few minutes over a cup of coffee is the only thing that keeps them connected before they go their separate ways to work in the morning. When parents get a break from the kids, they often share the moment over a coffee. Here again, the quality of the coffee can make a big difference in the quality of the moment. When you care enough to have quality coffee and a quality coffee machine in your house, it shows you care about each other.

Some might argue that champagne and candlelight dinners trump coffee for romance. There is something to be said for that opinion, but romances are rarely kindled by champagne and candlelight. A cappuccino is a better first step on the way to romance and will stay with you throughout your relationship, while champagne and candlelight dinners in fine restaurants are just perks along the way. Besides, what better way to end a romantic dinner for two than with your favourite Lavazza coffee blend?


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