Can coffee be used to predict the future?

Author: Darren   Date Posted:13 November 2011 

Known to little, many consider coffee to be a useful tool to predict one’s fortune.

The practice of predicting the future by ‘reading’ coffee grounds (the same way a fortune-teller will ‘read’ palms) is known as tasseomancy, or tasseography.

Today, it is most commonly used by ladies residing in Southern Italy, who learnt the practice during the 1950’s.
The practice consists of interpreting the shapes left by coffee in the cup and saucer. Once the coffee has been drunk, the subjects wait a few moments to allow the coffee residues to settle on the inside of the cup, at which point the relevant symbols apparently become visible.
The symbols on the inside of the cup represent the future, while the residues left in the saucer represent the present day.

Some common interpretations of the symbols (kindly provided by Wikipedia), can be viewed here:


Symbol Meaning
Apple achieving knowledge, completing school, getting diploma
Flying birds good news
Candle enlightenment
Cat a deceitful friend or relative
Dog loyal friend or relative
Kite wishes will come true
Raven death or bad news

If you see ever see what appears to be a raven in the residue of your Blue Pod coffee, please call us immediately so we can check your coffee machine for defects.
But don’t be too quick to start practicing tasseomancy, or you might find the police at your doorstep. In 2007, Sana Kuma, an Israeli tasseographer, was charged with practicing magic - a crime punishable in Israel for up to five years. Convictions were dropped, however, when authorities determined that “proving that Kuma was faking it was too difficult.”

Below, Kuma is pictured with a client. 

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