Cafe Culture in Australia

Author: Laura   Date Posted:12 July 2013 

Here at the Bluepod Coffee Company, we witness the popularity of quality coffee every day with the growing numbers of coffee lovers who take advantage of our free Lavazza coffee machine offer.

 Australia’s transition from a tea drinking culture to a coffee drinking culture is apparent on the streets of our cities, too. From Hobart to Perth, café culture is taking hold in Australia, with a distinctively Australian touch. These are a few of our favourites picked from the Australian’s list of the best coffee houses in Australia (plus one they missed).

Oomph, Hobart
Oomph, headquartered at 60 Liverpool Street, Hobart, seems to have started something of a coffee dynasty on the island State. They have 3 retail outlets and a wholesale supply service.

What Oomph doesn’t have, though, is a laundry service. For that, you’ll have to go to Hobart’s Machine Laundry Café. While you’re waiting for your laundry to wash and dry, you can “watch the action” in the laundry through a bank of glass doors that separates the café from the washing machines. Apparently, the Australian reporter didn’t need to wash their clothes, because their article overlooked this gem of a café. Credit for this find goes to BeanScene magazine.

Mecca Espresso, Sydney
For Sydney’s business suited crowd in the CBD, Mecca Espresso is the coffee lover’s mecca. We like it because of the business’s commitment to social responsibility. Like Lavazza’s Tierra Rainforest Alliance project, Mecca Espresso is committed to improving conditions for coffee farmers around the world. Try timing your visit to the hours when the locals are back in the office, though, or you may have trouble finding a seat. Mecca Espresso is located at 67 King Street in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

Brother Baba Buddan, Melbourne
If you happen to be in downtown Melbourne, make a beeline for Brother Baba Buddan at 359 Little Bourke Street. Run by coffee fanatics for coffee fanatics, coffee is all they serve at this Melbourne institution. Don’t expect to find a quiet nook to yourself, though. There’s always a queue and you’ll probably have to wait for a spot at the communal table if you don’t order a takeaway.

Spring Espresso, Perth
When in Perth, do as the locals do and head for Spring Espresso in the Crossways Shopping Centre, Subiaco. While a shopping centre doesn’t sound like the ideal location for an espresso bar, once you step inside, you’ll find that Spring Espresso has an ambiance all its own. The owners’ stated goal is to “provide the ultimate coffee experience” and they even claim their coffee can help you on your “journey to enlightenment.” 

Cup Specialty, Brisbane
The owners of Cup Specialty say, “Our passion for coffee comes before anything else in our business” and that includes the desire to make a profit. We hope their passion pays off, though, because café culture is all about quality and it’s a sentiment we share. You can find Cup Specialty at 89 Russell Street, West End. Café culture isn’t as much about style as it is about substance. One café can be furnished with thrift store tables and chairs while another is fitted out with custom joinery. As long as they serve great coffee, it doesn’t matter. They’ll attract a crowd of faithful locals who will call it their second home and the cheerful atmosphere will ensure their doors stay open for generations to come.

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