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Author: Rob   Date Posted:10 April 2014 

The Bluepod Coffee page is light on hype and heavy on content that will make you feel as warm inside as a great cup of coffee makes you feel.

Love it or hate it, you probably have a Facebook account. If you're one of those who scrolls through dozens of "selfies" and frequent family updates from Facebook "friends" you've never actually met looking for something to make you smile, the Bluepod Coffee Company might have the answer for you. Let's take a look at what's been on the Bluepod Facebook page recently.
In an important news announcement, you could have learned to keep your dog away from your coffee if you "liked" Bluepod on Facebook. "Beloved dog ate entire jar of coffee and didn't sleep for three days," the headline read and linked to a shocking exposé in the Herald Sun. Molly, a beautiful chocolate labrador must have felt like a cuppa while her owner was out, so she knocked a jar of instant coffee off the shelf. Unable to prepare the coffee as it's meant to be served, Molly decided just to eat it. When her owner returned home, Molly was just finishing up the last grains of instant coffee in the jar. The owner feared her beloved dog would die of a heart attack, but fortunately, she just spent three sleepless days and nights running around chasing imaginary possums and barking.
A little further down the entries on the Bluepod page is a link to a mouth-watering Tiramisu recipe. The Beignets Tiramisu recipe, on the Half-baked Harvest website, starts out with a "half-baked" attempt to describe how delicious it is. "I really have no words for this recipe," the author writes, because "words don't even come close to describing how insanely magical (yes, magical) this tiramisu is." It's not the world's easiest recipe, but from the photos and the author's almost idolatrous love of the recipe, it's a good bet it's worth the effort.
We recently blogged about the health benefits of coffee in Coffee: The Natural Medicine. If that wasn't enough to convince you your coffee habit was a healthy one, then an article mentioned on the Bluepod Facebook page should make a convert out of you. Lifehacker's The Science Behind Coffee and Why it's Actually Good for Your Health points out numerous health benefits we either didn't mention or skimmed over.
The Bluepod page isn't just a collection of links to articles, either. If you're looking for coffee mugs to complement your Lavazza coffee machine, there are plenty of mugs featured in Bluepod posts. Take these smiley face half-cups and saucers, for instance. Yes, you do need them in your home.
If you're looking for inspiration, you can find that, too, on the Bluepod Facebook page. For example, one illustration reads, "Given enough coffee, I could rule the world" and another features a coffee mug with the words, "Drink more coffee to get the energy to drink more coffee" emblazoned across it.

See what you're missing out on if you haven't liked the Bluepod Coffee Page? You'll find it on so drop everything and “like” Bluepod now. Then 

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