5 Great 'Coffee Songs'

Author: Darren   Date Posted:2 August 2011 

A piece at The Age this week covered a Melbourne-based theatre group performing Johannes Bach’s “The Coffee Cantata” – a musical about a young coffee-addicted woman who is forced by her father to break the habit.

 In regard to Bach, the Age wrote:

“Factor in his 20 children and you wonder how the great and reputedly pious fellow found time to sleep. That's where a second, less common theory for his hyperactive output suggests itself… Coffee.”

This got me thinking – how many great pieces of music out there are written for, about, or are best enjoyed with coffee? I’ve come up with five of my favorites:

5. Coffee Cold – Galt McDermot
This great instrumental from underrated jazz guru Galt McDermot is almost as smooth as our short black. The black and white, ultra-sexy film-noir style music video looks like it came straight out of an ad for Lavazza!

4. The Coffee Song – Frank Sinatra

A lesser known Sinatra single, entirely about Brazil’s abundance of coffee.  Sinatra’s Brazil actually sounds a lot like the Blue Pod office, come to think of it: “They put coffee in the coffee in Brazil…”


3. Caffeinated Consciousness – TV on the Radio

The first single from TV on the Radio’s 2011 album Nine Types of Light - a worthwhile record to check out if you’re an alternative music fan. It seems to be some kind of caffeine-inspired love song, but regardless of the strange lyrics and video clip, it’s a pretty fun tune.

2. Strong Coffee – The Cat Empire

Coffee has appeared in the lyrics of iconic Melbourne band The Cat Empire a number of times. In this song, vocalist Felix Reibl claims: “Hey hey, I need some strong coffee”. If Felix or any other Cat Empire members are reading this, and still need that strong coffee, give Blue Pod a call and we’ll sort you out with a coffee machine.

1. One More Cup of Coffee – Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s ‘One More Cup of Coffee’ must be the greatest coffee-themed song ever recorded. The song tells an epic tale of a traveler who must leave his lover to enter the mysterious “valley below”, and wishes for just one more cup of coffee. Unfortunately, the song cannot be found on YouTube due to copyright restrictions, so here’s a cover from the White Stripes:

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