Adelaide Office Coffee

Embarking on the daily journey to find the perfect blend of coffee can be tiring and time consuming. Put the life force back into your workplace with a state of the art coffee machine, available to rent in Adelaide. Blue Pod Coffee specialises in providing workplaces with commercial coffee machines, perfect for increasing productivity and happiness in the office.

Blue Pod offers an exclusive range of modern coffee machines that produce consistently delicious coffee, as well as a convenient way to stay motivated throughout the day. Forget having to walk a mile and wait in what feels like a never-ending line to get your coffee fix. With a selection of machines to suit any office space, Blue Pod strives to provide excellent service and of course, exceptional coffee.

We uphold a strong partnership with Lavazza, a well renowned coffee company who have revolutionised the way we drink coffee in Australia. Lavazza Blue coffee pods are perfect for the workplace and provide an authentic Italian espresso any time of day. 24-hour availability ensures all staff members have access to coffee throughout the day and into the night, and most importantly during times where time is tight but a pick-me- up is needed.

Rental coffee machines include:

  • Fully automatic operation with authentic Lavazza Blue pods
  • Fresh milk and sugar
  • Cups and stirrers
  • Ongoing support with maintenance and servicing

Enjoy the health benefits of coffee without having to leave the office, by renting a premium product from Blue Pod Adelaide. Encourage employees to work happily and efficiently whilst maintaining a strong work ethic and enjoying delicious coffee.

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